Marshmallow Math

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As a visitor to this site, you already know how important it is for your child to get a good start in learning math. Marshmallow Math will help you to teach your child fundamental number concepts at an early age.

Given the importance of early learning, Marshmallow Math begins with number concepts that your child can master before he or she learns to read and write numbers. The book follows a natural progression of skills that begins with simple counting. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other mathematical concepts are introduced gradually with each new skill building upon mastered skills. The book also explores other important concepts including sorting and comparing, telling time, spatial awareness, pattern recognition, geometry, measurement, and reasoning.

Marshmallow Math provides many quick, simple, and fun activates for you and your child to do together. Hands-on learning and mental math are emphasized over written work and traditional exercises. Many of the activities involve the use of counting objects such as marshmallows, pennies, or jellybeans. Having physical object to look at, pickup, and count will help to make abstract concepts more real for your child.

The unique approach set out in Marshmallow Math will help to ensure that your child truly comprehends fundamental number concepts and masters basic math skills. This will give your child both the ability and the confidence to excel in math.

ISBN: 978-1-5539-5395-1
153 pages